I love surprises

Every now and then a product comes along that just says WOW! Indeed, that was my first thought when I opened a very stylish box sent to me by SKINS. My second thought was – if this product performs half as good as it looks then I’m going to be mighty impressed. Seriously these are my new going out pants – I am 50!

The K-Proprium Tights are the latest offering from SKINS that once again raises the bar in performance clothing. They say it will make me run – “longer, faster and stronger”. Laminar Bands externally stimulate the proprioceptive sensors in the prime movers, keeping muscles activated and controlled so you can go harder for longer. You have to love the sound of that!

Only one way to find out – A road test, COPD style!

The first time I tried on the SKINS K-Proprium Tights I was amazed by how precise the fit was, it is like they were tailor made for me. This feeling transformed my mindset from respiratory patient to Usain Bolt. An athlete’s mindset is very important whether it’s race day or training day, so this was a great start.


I decided to do some comparison runs with and without the K-Proprium. The first two runs were 10k followed by a 21k a few weeks later. From my first stride, I could notice my form felt stronger which for me is a great guide for how the rest of my run will go. I didn’t set any PB’s and I was not trying to do so, I felt in control and strong. When you are operating on less than a third lung capacity you need all the help you can get.

The comparison runs I did were all at the same tempo 70% of my VO2 and my focus was on how my body felt during and after each run. Another factor I had to consider was the 30C + temps of our summer.

The Result

“Longer, Faster, Stronger?” Faster – is not applicable to me and while I did feel like Usain Bolt, I suspect he has my measure. Longer and Stronger – no doubt. The K-Proprium delivered as advertised. These tights offer me exceptional support keeping my form strong and my muscles fresh. The two 10k runs were totally different. With SKINS on the run was definitely less taxing and more enjoyable as was my 21k run. After both runs with SKINS on, my recovery was sensational, no soreness the next day. I had concerns that I would over heat wearing SKINS in such hot conditions, this was never a factor as they breathe superbly.

Should You Purchase?

If you are looking for that missing XFACTOR in training or on race day, then why not. They are a premium product. SKINS are only making 10,000 of the K-Proprium so whether you’re an elite athlete, a weekend warrior or a fashion-conscious plodder like yours truly, the K-Proprium will light your fire!


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