Personalize Your COPD Health – NLO Browser Extension


Most of you who are regular readers would know that I write articles for NewLife Outlook about COPD related topics. Recently NLO approached me about reviewing their Google chrome browser extension that is to be launched soon.

Given I have limited computer skills, I thought this will be a challenge. To my surprise installing the new NLO extension was relatively easy, even for me.

So, what is this all about you ask?

The extension changes your home page when searching the internet and incorporates your own personalized page with a number of cool features.

After you install the extension you are asked to fill out several sections relating to who you are, your location and the type of disease you have. Once this is filled out you then are asked about your preferences in relation to, the news for your disease and the type of general news feeds you like to read. This is a useful tool as it makes searching through disease news much easier and sharing articles is a simple process.

If you are searching through NLO articles and find something of interest to you there is an option to save the article to your favourites list located on the top right corner of the article.

Save article heart – top right corner of article.


Selecting conditions


General news and news for your condition.


The other settings you can change are related to your location, time and temperature. You also can jazz up the page to your own taste by changing the background image or color.


News feed


Is it worth the hassle?

My first impression of the NLO browser extension was it’s a fun add-on, but I’m not sure if I’d continue to use it. Three weeks on and I haven’t changed back to my original browser. What I have found is for me, being able to search for information about my disease in this manner is very useful. I also like the ability to save articles that caught my attention and would like to read at a later date.

Many of you will find something of interest within the three menu items – News, Article, Inspire. I think this personalized browser will be well received by most and I’m sure we’ll see some more add-ons to the browser in the future. Make sure you lookout for the browser release in June on the NLO website.




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