Each year I raise funds for research into lung disease. In 2015 I raised over $10,000 usd for the America Lung Association through my New York Marathon run. This year on April 23rd ( my birthday) I will be running the London marathon for the British Lung Foundation. I need your help to raise funds for research into lung disease. No matter how big or small, your contribution will be greatly appreciated. All funds go directly to the British Lung Foundation. So please click here and help make a difference.

​[wpvideo AGTDWjHj]​

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  1. Hi I suffer with COPD not that good I just had two weeks in hospital with lung infections gout in my feet and my hands and a little bit of of pneumonia an infection in my sinuses when I came home I had another two weeks in bed and then decided enough is enough I’m now up and mobile still hurts on my knees my lungs seems a lot better but not full capacity yet would I be able to do the London Marathon next year

    1. Hi Richard, I would concentrate on just getting yourself back to good health. Marathons should only be considered when your 100%. Keep me posted.

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