Ketosis for COPD


This is a recent article from about my journey into ketosis.

Russell Winwood


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  1. Im just beginning the ketogenic diet….I have multiple health issues…..electrical heart problems not the flesh but the electrical….causes hog heart rate, COPD 27 % lung function….and diabetes type2 due to meds like prednisone…..I’ve only been on the diet ….or way of life 3 days and have already seen a drop in sugar levels. I have many doctors so far most agree to keep going….I’ve been very ill due to my copd, was intubated last time for 13 days just missed having a track done. I want this to work and may need pointers along the way
    Before ….
    .4 years ago I was stilll running around ….working….etc now on 24 hour oxygen…..about 3 years ago I tried being a vegan….in the beginning it was great but over time it all got messed up alkaline etc…..I had to go back to meat eating and I’m still recovering from intubation for all those days in Sept…
    With this ketogenic I’m having trouble with portions and what to mix with what…….I would like your help of and on if willing……Congrats on feeling better!

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