November is lung awareness month, a month in which patients, carers, healthcare professionals and advocates from around the world shine a light on lung disease. With this in mind it seemed an appropriate time to release my COPD Wellness podcast series. 

The goal

Every week through my website and Facebook page I receive a variety of questions from fellow patients about their diagnosis, management of their disease and what strategies I use to achieve a better quality of life. The COPD Wellness podcast will be an easily accessible resource for patients to use to gain knowledge about their disease. Episodes will be able to be accessed via the COPD Athlete website, Facebook page and iTunes.

As well as COPD, we’ll delve into other respiratory diseases as many of the topics which will be discussed have similar applications between diseases. There will be an avenue for audience feedback and any question which may arise. In time, we plan to have live episodes with an expert panel with a question and answer session.

The Guests

Myself and my editor Angus have put together a list of guests which will cover all aspects of lung disease. These guests include world leading researchers, respiratory doctors, dieticians, respiratory therapists and patients. Our guests will come from a variety of different countries which will broaden the knowledge base of our audience.

Please take the time to leave a review about the podcast as this is how we can learn what you, our listener thinks of our content.





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