SKINS compression clothing and COPD 

Most people who have followed my journey know that while I’m very active I’m not very fast. So imagine my surprise when SKINS approached me about trialling some of their high tech compression clothing. Isn’t this something you’d ask a pro athlete to do? With this in mind my review is based on my experience and how I think respiratory patients may benefit from the products I tested.

A400 running power shorts

I must admit I have tried compression clothing before and have struggled to find to many benefits. I used these shorts running 5k and then 10k a week apart. I did the same distances without the A400’s a week before. Two things that stood out while running in the SKINS A400 shorts, recovery and speed.

As soon as you start running in these compression shorts the first thing you notice is the support they offer. My stride felt quite different, rather than feeling like the shuffler, an apt description to my running stride, I felt like a runner with a efficient stride. To support this new found run stride my 5k run was a PB. As far as recovery was concerned there was no doubt in my mind my legs felt fresher after the 10k run than ever before. The freshness in my legs could have been attributed to my improved run stride or the stated increase in blood flow and oxygen to the hard working muscles. Either way the A400 shorts are responsible and a new inclusion to my running gear.

Could my fellow respiratory patients derive benefits from these compression shorts? Yes, especially if you are someone who enjoys brisk walks or a slow jog. While in the past many respiratory patients would not have looked twice at a compression garment it’s a different story today with a growing number of patients becoming active.

A400 short sleeve compression top

Apart from helping me keep warm which it did, I didn’t expect to see a lot of upside in wearing the A400 top. Wrong! After squeezing into the A400 top I was amazed at the support this garment offered in terms of posture, something I’ve always struggled with. As COPD patients we are encouraged to keep our shoulders back in order to open up the chest which in turn helps us breathe.
When you are wearing the A400 top it encourages you to pull your shoulders back through its support mechanisms.

I have used this compression top for bike rides and runs with a noticeable impact on my breathing. The A400 SKIN top is worth every cent just for what it can offer in posture support, I often wear it around day to day for this reason.
Like many respiratory patients I don’t like feeling constricted by clothing around my chest as normally this would restrict my breathing. This is not the case with A400 top. Yes it can be a squeeze to put it on, but once it’s on I didn’t feel restricted at all. I would say the margin for error with sizing could make a difference, so make sure you purchase the right size if you decide to buy one. 

Well done SKINS!

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  1. Nice to know there is life without air tanks. Just diagnosed COPD mild symptoms. Used to run now biking at 71, 60 to 90 miles a week. You give me hope to keep exercising.

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