When I was diagnosed with copd I was told that I’d need a double lung transplant at some stage in the future, so I started to look into organ donation . It soon become obvious how low Australia’s donation rate is & how many people are on waiting lists. I contacted the national organ & tissue donation authority , Donate Life , to find out more.

One of the main issues they are concentrating on is raising awareness of how to be a donor & to have the discussion with your family about your wishes. Just being on the Donor register is not enough, if some day you are in the position of where you organs can be used your family has to know,accept & support your wishes .

While it’s not a popular issue to talk about, it is a very important one , as your organs could save the life of others & theirs could save you !

So to help raise awareness for Donate Life we are wearing race clothing in their colours & logos, Bright PINK, we should stand out ! For more information about Organ Donation please visit http://www.donatelife.gov.au/home

Russell & Leanne


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