With 10 weeks to go its time to crank up our run training, while most people training for Melbourne Ironman would probably be well on the way to having their run sorted we have only been running 1-2 times a week. Main reason for this is that at best my run is 8 kph , my low lung capacity doesn’t allow me to go any quicker, which means a long time on the run course. It took me 6hrs 34 mins to complete the run leg at Port Macquarie in 2012, my aim for Melbourne is 6hrs. I find running the hardest leg for two reasons, the physical side for obvious reasons, I also struggle mentally because I’m so slow, watching people walk faster than I run is a little deflating sometimes . I am however, grateful that I am well enough to train & compete in triathlons no matter how slow I am, the sense of accomplishment when crossing the finish line make the hard work worth it.

While our training is going relatively well , we’re having some trouble getting our bike & run clothing organised. We are raising awareness for organ & tissue donation through Donate Life & unfortunately we still haven’t found a sponsor to help with the costs of clothing, so anyone out there looking to get behind a great cause my email is [email protected] . In Australia we have low levels of organ donation , one of the main reasons for this is families not discussing their wishes. While registering as an organ donar is a great first step, it doesn’t automatically mean that your organs will be donated. It is important you also discuss your wishes with your family to make sure your wishes are carried out.

Time to get some much needed recovery sleep, below I’ve put pics of our bikes for Melbourne, Leanne’s is the blue one.

Russell & Leanne




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  1. Good for you to keep training despite COPD….we all have no excuse! I’m also a runner with type 1 diabetes and I won’t let it slow me down. Patients need to hear your story.

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