A week after Melbourne & I’m ready to get back into training, very different to my post Port Macquarie Ironman mindset where I had decided to take out a restraining order on my bike . Mentally I feel good & ready to tackle Cairns Ironman , physically I’m feeling quite fresh . It’s taken me about 6 days for my breathing to return to normal & the soreness to go from my chest.

The cold weather in Melbourne made me quite short of breathe causing my inhaler usage to be quite high, so I had a case of the shakes for the next 24hours. The constant gasping for breathe on the run leg was the cause of the soreness through my chest walls a small price to pay for being able to finish . My peak flow reading after the race was 170 , a week after it’s back up to where it normally sits around 200. A person my age with healthy lungs would have a reading of between 500 to 600.

11 weeks to Cairns & I’m actually thinking that my goal is not only to finish, but to aim for a sub 11hour 30minutes. The weather should help me as I can’t imagine Cairns being 14 c during the day & hopefully the wind gods will be on annual leave. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our coach Toby Sommerville Next Level Tri Coaching who’s program has given both myself & Leanne a PB for Ironman, check out his site.

Russell & Leanne



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