We’ve had a good week in training this week, the weather has been kind with a few exceptions. Managed a 2.5 & 3.4k swim couple of runs & finished the week with 100k ride in windy hot conditions & a 70 k ride in smokey conditions thanks to a large fire on Stradbroke Island . Our 70 k ride was supposed to be a 100 k , however when the smoke descended on us breathing became more of an issue than usual.

This reminded me how important it is for people with lung disease to avoid any pollutants in the air when they can, I went from cruising along easily to struggling to breathe in seconds, so we quickly turned around & headed for fresh air. You may well ask why I was riding into a smokey area, it’s something I try to avoid but we had a sudden wind shift which blew the smoke straight into us.

With 11 weeks to go to Melbourne Ironman we are both feeling more confident about the race, as long as Port Phillip Bay behaves itself & doesn’t dish up huge waves like it did in 2013. This week we’ll be riding our race bikes to get use to them again, Leanne has a new race bike, while I know my old faithful will do the job.

Cheers for now
Russell & Leanne

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