Most Ironman finishers I’ve talked to say it’s all in the mind & I’d have to agree . Obviously you have to be physically ready but how do we become mentally ready ? Is there a training program to be mentally tough or does life’s sometimes tough lessons make us mentally tough ?

Realistically if you go through a consistent Ironman training program , that can certainly help prepare you, those long tough windy rides that never end have certainly helped me. However you don’t find to many pro winners at Kona under the age of 30 is that because the younger generation haven’t had those life experiences that hardens you or are they to busy clubbing ?

Whether your racing Ironman or trying to keep up with everyday challenges I think that in the main we all have our limits, physically & mentally, for many finding where their limits lie is the challenge . My wife Leanne has been battling sickness for the last 3 months & finally decided she needed a week off training. Her first two training sessions after a week off, 13k run & a 80k ride the following day, that’s mental toughness !

For me I know I have to be mentally tough, lung disease dictates that I’m always going to be in that 16 hrs + finishing time & that’s a long time to be out hammering yourself. So doing those big training weeks are essential in my preparation, the week that’s just past wasn’t a huge week, 9k of swimming, 30k of running & a light 130k of cycling with a rest day on Sunday .

So for those of your preparing for up coming races or challenging life situations keep your chin up & be positive , because it’s all in The Mind !

Russell & Leanne

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