Interesting that last weeks blog “it’s all in the mind” come back to haunt us today. With the start of Donate Life week marked by a 100k ride, hundreds of cyclist converged on Landsborough for the start of the ride. We had about a 25kph southeast wind for the start of the race & of course we were riding straight into it for the entire ride.

That wasn’t too bad until about 90 minutes in & the wind stated to pickup dramatically reaching 45kph for the rest of the ride. I thought it was a bright idea to decorate my carbon wheels & run them on my bike, not so smart when the wind is blowing that hard as my bike was developing a mind of its own . On the plus side it was a good tough hit out for Melbourne Ironman in 4 weeks , normally I’d be fairly reliant on my reliever spray for that sort of ride but not today & legs felt strong. A huge bike week ahead of us next week totalling 375kms.

A special mention to Kate Phillips who completed the ride today after undergoing heart lung transplant last year, well done Kate, inspiring !



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  1. Hi Russell – thank you so much for your comment regarding my ride.

    But wow you are the amazing one – this is so awesome what you are doing to raise awareness for Organ and Tissue donation. All the very best for your upcoming Ironman – that is seriously awesome!

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