As our next event approaches the excitement is building , Melbourne will be a great course I’m sure. The only reservation I have , as I’m sure others have, is what the Melbourne weather will do. As much as I can get myself fit for the race both physically & mentally, wind is not my friend . Two things that rip the air from your lungs, a stiff wind & hills, having lung disease compounds this problem . At between 22 & 30 % lung capacity wind & hills slow me down a lot & my heart rate goes through the roof. I know that it works both ways & at some stage wind will be behind me , as long as it hasn’t zapped my energy before that happens.

On a more entertaining note we struck an obstacle on our way back from riding yesterday in the form of a high tide, I told Leanne someone had put a swim leg in the middle of our bike leg, see picture below. I’m sure we all have weird & wonderful things happen while out riding .

Russell & Leanne


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