So far the biggest hurdle we’ve struck heading into Cairns is our head space, while Leanne has a slight tear to her left meniscus, it’s taken me a little longer than I’d thought to get my breathing back under control. Therefore we haven’t trained on as well as what we’d like & motivation has been an issue.

How to get that motivation back is now the challenge & we all have our own ways of doing this. I’ve decided that once a week I do a training session completely different to what I’ve been doing & after two sessions I’m happy to report it seems to be working. The session has been with a Personal Trainer friend who has combined cardio & strength exercises into an hour of entertainment with a group of other people, definitely feeling fresher in the mind now.

Leanne has started doing yoga once a week & hoping for the same effect the PT sessions have had for me. Ironman is a tough gig especially when your battling through with injury . For Leanne it means training consists of swimming & cycling but no running until her knee has healed , whatever the outcome in Cairns no one can knock her commitment .

While I’d love to better my Melbourne time in Cairns I will be very happy to get in under that 17 hour mark. I remember saying after my first Ironman, never again & yet here we are backing up for number 3, funny how the mind works. Today being Anzac Day is a good day to reflect & remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country, if that doesn’t motivate us then nothing will !


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