No doubt we’ll look like a couple of old cars ready for the scrap heap come Cairns Ironman on June 8. Leanne and I have been struggling with injury since Melbourne, knees, feet and ITB’s are keeping our local physio and massage therapist busy. The trouble with races this close together for us amatures is that there’s not a lot of time for recovery. However we knew when we signed up for two Ironmans close together that it was going to be challenging and in hindsight maybe a little ambitious.

Last weekend we both had confident building rides and have been able to get our heads in the right place. The weekend earlier we decided to travel to Port Macquarie to train and cheer on some mates doing the Ironman race. We rode the bike course on the Saturday before the race and struggled with the wind and road conditions which seemed worse on race day. Fortunately the brave efforts on Sunday of the competitors and that great finishing line atmosphere led by Pete Murray lifted our spirits, I’m very happy I wasn’t racing .

Three of our ten supporters coming to Cairns have experienced an Ironman finish line so the others are in for a treat. I’m always interested in the reaction of people watching the athletes finishing as there are so many great stories and when you hear what brings a person to compete in these races it can be quite uplifting . For those of you who haven’t experienced what goes on late into the night at the finish line I’ll leave you with a video insight thanks to Pete Murray.

[wpvideo tqMaFECU]

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